H G Shree Rambaba has been providing,
a sound spiritual basis for Hindu worship for
the Hindus living in England, since his arrival
in 1970 and kept it alive....
Rambaba's programmes to spread the Hindu consciousness in the UK included Hindus of all backgrounds and communities. With the loyal support of devotees of Jignyasu Satsang Mandal..

His Divine Grace Shree Rambaba
has spent his entire life serving humanity. H G Rambaba was borin in 1921. He was born in India and as a child moved to live in Kampala, Uganda.

For the last 41 years, Rambaba has been carrying out the service from his residence in London with consistent loyal support from his wife Kantaben, family and devotees of Shree Jignyasu Satsang Mandal.

He is a disciple of His Divine Grace Shree Hirjibapa, who was resident in a town called Nakuru, Kenya.

Rambaba was the epitome of an ideal disciple. He served his Guru with total devotion for 40 years, which has culminated in him attaining a very unique status in our society. He has maintained very strict principles in carrying out the service for which he has never solicited funds.

He has never accepted money from his disciples for personal expenses. To his disciples his teachings are very strict: of honesty, devotion to humanity, pure love of God and a very practical approach to life. His teachings are representative of the way he leads his life.